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The Entek home water treatment
System will improve the quality of
the water in your entire home.
Enjoy the many benefits that Entek can provide your entire family.
Call us toll free at 1-855-999-7233.

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Entek Home Water Treatment

See and Feel the Entek Soft Water Difference 

Improving the quality of water in your home is so beneficial … you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Quality Counts

Entek offers its customers the strongest warranty in the entire


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What exactly can I expect by putting Entek water in my home?

Less cleaning time
Less Cleaning Time
Conditioned water saves 1 out of every 3 hours spent in cleaning your home. That’s over 10 eight hour workdays each year!
"Baby Soft" Skin
Soft Smooth Skin
Step out of the shower or bath and have your
whole body feel soft and smooth.
Spotless Dishes
No more hard water spots or streaks
Glasses and dishes come right out of the dishwasher free from hard water spots
and streaks.

Ordinary Hair "Comes Alive"
Beautiful Hair
Eliminate hair products such as conditioners that
compensate for the damage done by hard water.
Extend the Life of Your Clothing
Clothes Last Longer
Enjoy brighter and softer clothes because detergent residue and raw water deposits are eliminated.
Extend the Life of Your Appliances
Appliances Last Longer
Extend the life of your water using appliances by
30 to 70 percent.

Extend the Life of Your Plumbing
Extend the Life of your Plumbing
Extend the life of your plumbing by
30 to 70 percent.
Save Money and Energy!
Save Energy
Saves money on soap and cleaning supplies and lowers your energy costs as well.
Enjoy the Best Water Quality
Enjoy Quality Water all the Time!
KNOW that your family has the very best quality water today and every day for the rest of your life.

What's wrong with hard water? 

According to the Better Business Bureau publication, "Tips on Water Quality Improvement"
Hard Water:

1. Will increase your soap and cleaning supply cost by 50%.
2. Requires additional time in cleaning your home.
3. Dries your skin.
4. Causes spotting on fixtures, glasses, dishes and silverware.
5. Increases the cost to heat your water by 22% if heating with electricity and 27% if heating with natural gas.
6. Makes washable clothing wear out faster.
7. Will drastically shorten the life of all your water using appliances.

How Water Softeners Reduce Greenhouse Gases
  Discover What's in Your Water

Water Softeners Reduce Greenhouse Gases
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Why choose Entek water treatment products? 

Entek partners with some of the oldest and largest companies in the world to incorporate the very latest technology into our products.

The installation of one of our Entek whole house water treatment systems will virtually pay for itself.

Our goal is not to create another large monthly payment for you but to show you a better way to utilize the money you are currently spending.

Entek Environmental Technologies

Entek Water Treatment Products

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