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The Entek home drinking water system provides pure drinking water right at the touch of a fingertip.
Enjoy the many benefits of the Entek home drinking water system.
Call us toll free at 1-855-999-7233.

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Entek Home Drinking Water

When water quality can't be compromised

The ultimate in pure drinking water right at home.. enjoy all the wonderful health benefits along with tremendous savings! 


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About the Entek drinking water system

Entek's reverse osmosis drinking water system utilizes much of the same technology as bottled water and provides you
with water that exceeds bottled water in quality at the touch of a fingertip for a fraction of the cost of bottled water!

The filters can be easily changed with a simple 1/4 turn without even turning off the water.

Unlike other systems you will NOT be paying a very expensive service call (usually in excess of $70) to change the filters.


The human body is largely comprised of water

Quality water is essential to good health Quality water is essential to good health


Health experts recommend that a person consume at least Eight Glasses of water each day in order to:

1. Help regulate body temperature.
2. Assist in weight loss.
3. Helps skin tone.
4. Aid in digestion and the elimination of wastes.
5. Maintain a higher energy level.

Bottled Water is very expensive!  

Concerns over water quality have made bottled water the most popular beverage in America!

Today, Americans consume more bottled water than all non-dietary soft drinks combined!

Last year Americans consumed over 9 billion gallons of bottled water. Projections for next year exceed 9.5 billion gallons.

Concerns about water quality



Traditional soft drink companies such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper have all entered the bottled water business because of its popularity and extremely high profit margins.

pepsi drinking water
coca-cola drinking water
dr. pepper drinking water
Dr. Pepper

Should you be paying MORE for a gallon of bottled water than you spend for a gallon of gasoline? 

To purify their products all three of these companies utilize a purification process called Reverse Osmosis.

Sport bottles can usually be purchased on sale for $5.00 for a case of 16 ounce bottles which is .025 cents an ounce. There are 128 fluid ounces in a gallon. A gallon of water purchased in a sport bottle can easily cost over $3.00 per gallon even if it is purchased on sale.

Health conscious Americans are consuming water from disposable plastic bottles at a rate of more than 70 million bottles each day or 2.56 trillion bottles each year. Once these bottles enter the landfills they can take hundreds of years to decay.

Bottled Water and Landfills








Discover What's in Your Water


The Entek drinking water product line

Entek EZ/RO50

This system is located under your kitchen sink and provides the ultimate in pure drinking water from a dedicated faucet located on the sink.

Like most types of bottled water, it utilizes reverse osmosis technology to obtain a very high degree of purity.

However there are no heavy bottles of water to lug home from the grocery store, no empty plastic bottles to clog our landfills, and it is much less expensive!

In addition, Entek offers its customers the strongest product warranty in the entire industry.



Drinking water filters

Entek EZ/PF12

This system is located under your kitchen sink and provides high quality drinking water from a dedicated faucet located on the sink.

This product utilizes a type of technology called hollow fiber membrane. It will greatly reduce chemicals such as chlorine and filter out microbiological contaminants as well.

The filters in this system change with just a simple 1/4 turn as well.

Drinking water filters


Exclusive Entek drinking water features

Most Systems look like this
Reverse Osmosis Drinking water system
Entek Easy to Change Filters
Entek easy to change water filters
Entek FilterCheck
Entek water filter check

Most reverse osmosis systems look like this. They house the filters in a plastic sump that requires a special tool to access.

The result is that you must have a technician come to your home the replace the filters at a cost of $70 or more just for the labor.

Entek reverse osmosis system filters can be changed with a simple 1/4 turn.  You don't even have to shut off the water.

Unlike other systems you will NOT be paying a very expensive service call (usually in excess of $70) to change the drinking water filters.

All water filters must be replaced in order for a filter to remove impurities.  How do you know when it is time for their replacement? 

FilterCheck actually counts the amount of water being filtered.  When actual usage reaches its preset limit, it tells you that it is time for a filter change.

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